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The function of hops and the way to add them

The function of hops and the way to add them

Issue Time:2022/11/02
Hops have a big impact in craft beer equipment brewing:

As a preservative: In the process of beer brewing, hops can condense macromolecules in wort, and can also play the role of antisepsis. It can not only add a refreshing aroma to the beer, but also prolong the storage time of the beer. After adding hops to beer, it is no longer easy to deteriorate and become a waste of beer caused by barley vinegar.

Balanced taste: Hops and malt aromas give the beer a subtle flavor; It helps to clarify the wort, and its strong hop flavor balances the natural sweetness of the wort and stimulates the appetite.

Hop gun: Since hops play an important role in beer brewing, the way hops are added makes people pay special attention. DYM brewing solutions team fabricates the hop gun. It can make hops cycle and soak in the beer so that fully adding the flavor of the hops to the beer. Of course, you can also choose not to add hops by hop gun, but it may lead to uneven hops fusion, and then affect the taste of beer.

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