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The differences between craft beer and commercial beer

The differences between craft beer and commercial beer

Issue Time:2022/11/01

With the improvement of living standards, craft beer has gradually taken over the market. Here are the differences between craft beer and commercial beer:

Craft beer:  Brewed and drunk now, it keeps the natural freshness and nutrition of beer. It is rich in more than 17 kinds of amino acids, including 8 kinds of amino acids which are indispensable but cannot be synthesized by human body, and more than 11 kinds of vitamins, especially B vitamins which are rare in other foods.

Commercial beer: In order to unify the taste of finished products, commercial beer is usually brewed in a single brewing process and style, coupled with a very short fermentation time, so commercial beer has the characteristics of light taste, more bubbles, low concentration of wort, less hops and low alcohol, and its natural nutritional value and price are also low.

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