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Tips to choose kegs

Tips to choose kegs

Jul 4,2023
It’s summer time! Are you looking for good quality and new beer kegs for your beer in summer? 

-Stackable kegs
Do you feel kegs are not stable when you pile them up one by one to save space?  Don't worry; in order to effectively save the storage area of beer kegs, we designed stackable chime on kegs. Kegs can be piled up vertically one by one. But please pay attention to keg chime thickness before you buy since that will have influence on keg chime strength. DYM Brewing solutions team has thicker chime on kegs, 2.4mm on 1/2bbl and 1.8mm on 1/6bbl kegs.

-Qualified keg spear
Good sealing can effectively extend the beer storage time in keg. In order to prevent air leakage, we use Micromatic spear. It can strengthen the sealing to prevent the beer from oxidation, thus extending the storage time of beer. In addition to this, all kegs from DYM brewing solutions team have double-sided welding, which strengthens beer neck, and effectively avoids leakage.

-Need kegs right now?
Our warehouses in LA & New Jersey have new stackable 1/2bbl kegs and 1/6bbl kegs inventory. Special discount for summer season:

If you are interested in such a device, please contact DYM brewing solutions team.

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