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The brewery has valves in many applications; what are some common types used?

The brewery has valves in many applications; what are some common types used?

Update Time:2020/9/9

The following valves arecommonly used in breweries:


1. Butterfly valves are relativelyinexpensive and sanitary valves, mainly suitable for on-off operation. Thedesign of the butterfly valve fea­tures a disk that pivots on a center axis andis sealed with a replaceable valve seat of an appropriate electrometricmaterial. This design allows for the complete cleaning of all product contactsurfaces in a CIP operation when fully opened. Valves of this type are notrecommended for incre­mental flow control, because they generate high shear inthe product. Butterfly valves can be specified with lockout features .



2. Ball valves contain a rotating ball with a holeformed through the center to control flow. They are especially prevalent in gasdistribution and water-piping applications. They are not considered sanitary indesign for product use; salespersons claiming them as such should be ques­tioned.These valves are generally inexpensive, long lived, and suitable forhigh-pressure applications. They are very good for on-off functions but not forregulating flow.


3. Globe valves are excellent atcontrolling flow. Operationally, a sealing disk controls the restriction of theflow path. Globe valves are often found in steam and water applications and aregenerally non-sanitary in design.



4. Solenoid valves are on-off valves thatare actuated by energizing a small electromagnetic coil. When activated, thecoil allows a diaphragm to move, thus permitting fluid flow. They are oftenused for glycol control and small pneumatic control duties.



5. Diaphragmvalves areused for sanitary, manual flow control, As a flexible diaphragm israised, increasing flow is permitted.



6. Angle-seatvalves arestructurally similar to globe valves but are pneumatically actuated for on-offoperation. They are used in kegging equipment and for similar applications.



All the pictures above are the valves on our brewhouse, sourced from reputed valve facilities which will be guaranteed on quality.