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The soul of the craft beer--hops

The soul of the craft beer--hops

Update Time:2020-07-03
The hop (Humuluslupulus L.) is a perennial,dioecious climbing plant of the hemp familyand belongs to the order (Urticales) which alsoincludes the nettle family. In the brewery it isthe inflorescences of the female plant which areused. These contain bitter resins and etherealoils which supply bittering and aroma components to the beer. 

As far as brewing is concerned, hops are thedried hop cones of the female hop plant andproducts made from them which contain onlycomponents from hops. 

Hops are grown- in special growing regionswhere the necessary growth conditions exist.After the harvesting of the hop, they are driedand processed to avoid a reduction in their value. 

The structure of the hop cone and its composition provide important information for theevaluation of hops.