1. Distillery  is mostly made of red copper. The characteristics of red copper allow it to undergo chemical reactions in the inner wall of the distiller to remove highly volatile sulfur compounds. But the red copper is easy to oxidize so the surface of the copper will darken colors after long time, this condition can be solved by using the ointment that wipes copper technically to wipe surface.

2. Heating method is similar to brewing equipment, mostly electric heating, steam jacket heating, etc.

3. process: the liquor go passes through the distiller, and turn into steam then goes up because of heating, then passes through the condenser and whisky starts to flow out through the pipe.

4. Foundation component: Copper still, rectifying column, pipe cooler and other 304 stainless fittings.

5. Distillery for Whisky is different from distillery for Brandy, distillery for Brandy need to use brewing system for wine.

6. Rectifying column has Inside and outside two layer, there's condensed water in the middle.

7. bubble-cap plates are in the sightglass of the recitifying column, reflux continuous distillation for higher alcohol concentration.

8. Theory of distillery: make use of low boiling point of alcohol and heating the raw wine to a certain temperature, the alcohol begins to evaporate and then condenses into liquid again after entering the condenser. The solid and pigment and other substances in the raw wine are left in the distilling pot to realize the separation of alcohol and water.

9. distillery for Brandy



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