Lagering Tank
Maturation Tank
Cylindrical Tank


-    Certified Stainless Steel material
-    Sanitary construction seams with sanitary interior polish
-    Inspected and pressure tested to 2 times operating pressure
-    Insulated with high efficiency polyurethane foam
-    Name-brand, high-quality valves and fittings included with every tank
-    Quality TIG welding: For piping, quality TIG welding with sanitary interior shapes
-    Saving space than vertical tanks
-    Increase bottom surface for low yeast harvesting during fermenting


- EV 20BBL, TV 26BBL
- 140° cone top & bottom
- Polyfoam heat insulation on the side and bottom;
- Sight glass made by acrylic or thermal glass;
- Silicate aluminum heat insulation on column side and bottom;
- Internal ladders steps for access;
- Thermowell;

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