-  Single layer
-  Optional heating insulation;
-  S.S.304 fabricated;
-  thickness of S.S.304 sheets: 3mm;
-  top open lid with fasterning handles;
-  bottom dished head;
-  inlet:1" tr-clamp; draining: 1.5" tr-clamp;
-  with all valves, butterfly valves for beer, ball valve for CO2, etc;
-  Mounted on 3 casters;
-  dismountable sieving candle filter cartridge, mounted on the bottom, dismentable;
-  sight glass, 2 pcs, 3", female threaded; Manometer; Spray balls; Handles for moving, etc;
-  To be connected to the fermenters for dry hopping usage, or even between the whirlpool & the heat exchanger;
-  Using turbine working theory to solve hop of pallets or bulbs shapes, to exctract bitter and flavor ingredient from hops into beer;
-  Targeted to shorten the dry hopping time;
-  The whole tank is of hygienic standards, e.g. all ports mounted on the tanks are of connection with chamfer, easy to clean;

From mill to keg washer, we provide one stop shop for your starting business with a good know-how on design and reasonable prices.
Some support equipment also fall into our scope supply. Focused on offering better and considerate service to customers, we make more support equipment to meet customers’ specific needs and brewery personalized requirements.

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